Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures has announced the launch of cryptocurrency venture Fund with Charter capital $10 million this is stated in the press release of the organization.

LuneX Ventures will invest in new startups aimed at the development of kryptonyte, in particular, development of solutions in the area of scalability, security, and custodial and institutional services.

“Traditional investors are now competing for access to a new asset class, however, there are legal, banking and tax obstacles. LuneX Ventures aims to solve all these problems. Our powers allow you to invest in tokens promising startups. It is important that the interests of investors coincide with the ideas of project developers”, — stated in a press release.

It is known that the Fund will be headed by the former Director of development at Golden Gate Ventures, Kenrich Drijkoningen and part-time founding partner LuneX Ventures.

According to Kenrico of Drijkoningen, the Fund has already invested in the Singapore stock exchange. Exchange.

ForkLog previously reported that the developers of EOS announced the creation of a venture Fund for $1 billion.