Japanese IT giant GMO Internet revealed the price and specifications of its new bitcoin miner — the first in the world built on 7 nm ASIC.

For the first time a Japanese company has announced plans of developing a mining chip with a crystal size of 7 nm in September of last year. According to the plans, they had 4 times to surpass the efficiency of existing at the time of 16 nm chips. Earlier this year, GMO reported on the establishment of 12 nm chip.

At a press conference, the company explained that the 7 nm ASIC that is used in the new bitcoin miner B2 designed in Japan but will be produced in Taiwan.

It is reported that ASIC-miner B2 will ensure a mining power 24TH/s with power consumption of 1.95 kW. For comparison, the current market leader — S8 Antminer from Bitmain provides 14 TH/s when consumption is 1.3 kW. As a result, the B2 miner 1 TH/s consumes 81 watts, the Antminer S8 — 93 watts. The numbers are quite comparable.

Also comparable, based on computing power, proved and price compare ASIC miners. The Japanese company said the price of B2 is $1999, and Antminer S9 is worth $837.

However, CEO GMO Internet , Masatoshi Kumagai (Masatoshi Kumagai) during a press conference reiterated the company’s goal is to lose Bitmain with a leading position in the industry:

“I respect Bitmain, but we’ll beat them”.

Previously, the company presented a plan under which pre-order her new ASIC miners with 7nm chips will be inaugurated in the second quarter of the year, and deliveries will begin in October. It was later named the exact date to start taking pre-orders — June 6, 2018.

Recall that the GMO Internet start mining business in the end of last year and recently reported on the results of the first months of operation. Until GMO Internet uses for mining equipment mainly third-party vendors.