Japanese conglomerate, GMO Internet Group called the timing of the sale of 7 nm mining chip — IV quarter of this year.

GMO builds two versions of the chip, named V1 and V2. Mass production of the first the company plans to start in mid-June. The second version of the chip is now under development in mass production it must go in the fourth quarter of the year.

It V2 will go on sale immediately after the start of mass production, applications for chip can be done with the II quarter.

For the first time, GMO Internet announced plans of developing a mining chip with a crystal size of 7 nm in September of last year. According to the company, they had 4 times to surpass the efficiency of existing at the time of 16 nm chips. In January of this year, GMO reported on the establishment of 12 nm chip.

Currently, the Japanese company is in the business of cryptocurrency mining uses mostly purchased mining computers, but around June, will launch the mining of 7 nm (V1) chips, and in October — on V2.

The company started mining business in December last year and recently reported its results for the first months of operation. Their first data centers for mining cryptocurrency GMO discovered in Northern Europe.

Despite the fact that in April the total mining power GMO Internet amounted to 241 PH/s, the company believes that it has reached the goal of 3000 PH/s by year-end. According to GMO, it should contribute to the opening of several new sites for the extraction of crypto currencies in two countries.