Company GMO Internet has postponed a scheduled delivery of two models of 7-nm ASIC miners, as it was not able to release both parties from lack of components.

Supplies miners B2 was supposed to start in late October, a device B3 in November.

“This is because details which are necessary for our mining rigs, is actually now very difficult to acquire. Hard to get some electronic components such as resistors, due to the busy global balance of supply and demand”, — said the representative GMO Internet portal

He added that some of the new ASIC miners are made, but the company has not yet decided whether to ship them to customers this year.

GMO Internet has introduced bitcoin miner B2 7-nm chip in early June, and a month later showed off his improved and more efficient option — B3. Both models were sold at a price of $1999 for the unit, said the company representative. He said that all customers will be able to get your money back if you wish.

“Announcing a delay in the delivery, we asked our customers if they want to return. At the moment everyone who has requested, been returned”, — said the employee of GMO Internet.

Recall that in the recently published presentation of financial results for the third quarter GMO Internet indicated that the mining business generated during the period $5.62 losses. The company is mining cryptocurrency since the end of last year, and in January of 2018 entered the market of manufacturers of equipment for mining.