Japanese IT conglomerate, GMO Internet in the first quarter of 2018 reported found 906 537 bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash despite the fact that in the last month increased mining capacity by almost two times.

In March, the company produced 295 12 BTC and BCH, and in April — 373 0 BTC and BCH. Power mining farms in March totaled 129 PH/s and increased to 241 PH/s in April for the expansion, mining equipment. By year-end mining capacity is planned to increase to 3000 PH/s.

At the same time officially licensed in Japan cryptocurrency exchange company GMO Coin for the first quarter of 2018 showed a negative trend, having recorded operating losses at the level of 760 million yen ($7 million), and received from the financial regulator requirement of the need to improve operating activities. Operating costs of the company compared with the previous quarter increased by 560 million yen (about $5.1 million).

Recall that, GMO Internet has announced the launch of mining facilities for the extraction of “a new universal currency” in Northern Europe at the end of December last year. For the first three months of mining areas, the company produced 525 240 BTC and BCH.