The head of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a subsidiary of the Gibraltar stock exchange (GSX), announced the beta launch of crypto currency exchange for 300 institutional investors. The crypto currency exchange plans to become the first licensed and regulated trading platform for digital assets, under the control of a regulated EU stock exchange.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), which will serve institutional investors, so far only works with a limited number of customers. Platform serving 300 retail accounts captainvalor and pre-screened institutional investors.

Already at the initial stage, the selected users will receive full and exclusive rights of access to the platform. The new site invites customers to leave feedback about the functionality of the exchange, to better understand the needs of customers before the “finalization” of the service.

“Soft start means that we will continue, as efficiently as possible, to build a platform at the institutional level for sale utilitarian tokens and digital assets for global blockchain and trading communities”, – said exchange CEO Nick Cowan.

Cohen also promised that the trading platform will be fair, transparent, efficient and safe. The CEO also noted the successful start of the token GBX GRID and the start of trading other tokens on the same platform, Strykz and Traceto.

GBX, which is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar stock exchange (GSX), plans to become the first licensed and regulated crypto currency exchange in the EU. This project was made possible thanks to the decision of the Parliament of Gibraltar, whose members last year voted unanimously to amend the financial services and markets Act to regulate the cryptocurrency market.

Regulations on the protection of kriptosistem entered into force on 1 January this year, installing a regime of compulsory licensing of cryptocurrency and blockchain activities. Providers of cryptocurrency services now fall under the Law on financial services of the country.

Without a doubt, local authorities are trying to benefit from the development of the stock market in the region. In Gibraltar, a significant part of the budget already bring the company from the sector of financial services and online gaming and the Gibraltar government has taken consistent steps to develop standards for cryptocurrencies in 2016. Gibraltar was the first jurisdiction that set the regulation of the ICO.