Representatives of the crypto currency exchange for institutional investors Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBХ) created by the Gibraltar stock exchange (GSX), announced that it has received from the financial services Commission of Gibraltar (GFSC) licensed third highest category for implementation of activities in the field of application of technology of the distributed registry. Thus, the GSX became the world’s first adjustable traditional stock exchange with adjustable crypto currency exchange.

As said the head of the GSX Nick Cowan (Nick Cowan), the license gives the company a new force in the quest to create the world’s leading platform for the sale of tokens (GBX-GRID) and trading digital assets in the secondary market (GBX-DAX) at the institutional level.

“The establishment of Gibraltar as a leading cryptohome was not the result of hasty implementation of regulation, but rather through methodical and thoughtful approach. Importantly, we understand the pursuit of innovation should never come at the expense of sustainability and long-term development,” added Cowan.

Recall that the GFSC has launched a licensing blockchain companies in January this year. GBX-GRID started work in April this year, GBX-DAX (Digital Asset Exchange) in July, and the first crypto currency exchange, officially licensed GFSC last month became the oldest bitcoin exchange Coinfloor UK.