Established in 2016 in Berlin, the Bank solarisBank in the framework of the Blockchain Factory was offered to companies from European economic partnership, whose activities are directly or indirectly related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the ability to open accounts in Fiat currency.

Thus, the financial institution responds to demand, which can not meet a licensed banks of Germany and other European countries that limit the ability of tech companies to maintenance.

We’re truly excited to launch our own @solarisBank Blockchain Factory today to become the #banking partner for the #cryptocurrency and #blockchain industry. Read more about this strategic step in our official press release:

— solarisBank (@solarisBank) June 28, 2018

In addition to providing “accounts blockchain-companies” in solarisBank also intend to facilitate the buying and selling of Fiat money to cryptocurrency exchanges using automated escrow accounts. And with vPE Bank, the Bank has already begun to assist in the cryptocurrency trading at the institutional level.

Bank representative said that such a move is seen as an opportunity to work with innovative companies for the future of the financial industry and to show confidence as blockchain technology, and developing her companies. At the same time, the Bank intends to get serious about partnerships, and legal and regulatory requirements.

Recall that last month, a Norwegian court upheld the decision of the Bank Nordea, earlier closed accounts cryptocurrency exchanges AS Bitmynt on suspicion of insufficient counteraction to activities associated with the laundering of money obtained by illegal means and financing of terrorism.