The head of the Russian Sberbank German Gref stated that, in his opinion, in 1-2 years we can expect the introduction of blockchain technology on an industrial scale, since it has moved from hype to a new stage of development.

“While this is all the research and experiments. We don’t have blockchain solutions are not put into commercial operation.

Moreover, I see that we are yet not ready for it, there are a large number of technological problems related to the immaturity of the technology. Still need time to fully implement. The hype around the technology has passed, it has passed the stage of industrial development. The technology will require a year or two to apply on an industrial scale”, – he explained.

However, the mass of cases of the use of technology, according to him, will not.

We recall that a year ago, Gref claimed that the introduction of blockchain technology in Russia will take 8-10 years. This year, Sberbank and Alfa-Bank, decided to test the regulatory site of the Bank of Russia the new products of private banking, based on the cryptocurrency. A month ago, Sberbank said that the results held with the National settlement Depository (NSD) test. ICO in the “sandbox” Bank of Russia ready to host the ICO for its customers – after the adoption of the laws “On digital of financial assets and attraction of investments using investment platforms.”