The developer of the Lightning Network from Berlin Mathias, Steinig have developed a system that allows you to lead in the work of e-bikes using the technology of micropayments Lightning Network.

The decision is at the stage of proof-of concept, but fully functional, including the payment system. In potential it may be useful to companies that hire city elektronikov.

Matias Steinig noted that while he shares only with code, description of the installation will be posted later.

The programm code for the lightning bike is online:

For now only the code, the INSTALL description is still missing and will come next…

— Matthias Steinig ⚡ (@leblitzdick) 17 October 2018

As stated in the project description on GitHub, on the special display you can select the desired trip time, scan a QR code and make payment through the mobile app. After successful payment, the bike is activated and available for the trip. Itself payment device while running on battery bike.

Currently available in three different options, duration of stay and the cost of a one-minute drive away set at 250 Satoshi.

In the heart of the system is Zero WH the Raspberry Pi, which controls the connection to the mobile network and managing supply. As the monitor was used e-paper display, the choice of which, according to Mathias, was due to the fact that it consumes very little energy and has good picture quality in Sunny weather.

On the server side was used 3 Raspberry Pi that controls Lightning Noda based on c-lightning. This implementation differs from the original only which does not involve the installation of a full node of bitcoin. With this purpose were used pseudonana sPRUNED, which requires only 300 MB of the blockchain.

Informed about creating a vending machine that accepts bitcoin payments bitcoin payments using Lightning Network, announced brazilski cryptomnesia Ricardo Reis.