Six financial institutions of Germany “carry out deals” with the cryptocurrency in one form or another, reported the Ministry of Finance.

Responding to the representative of the party left wing Thomas Lutz, the Federal financial Supervisory authority of Germany (BaFin) confirmed that financial institutions operating in its jurisdiction, to really work with cryptocurrencies.

Response BaFin applies to “transactions with cryptocurrencies or purchasing them”, but specific banks or other financial institutions in it are not called.

Last month members of the BaFin has agreed to share expertise with representatives of the National Bank of Georgia and tell them about his “Supervisory experience” in the field of cryptocurrency.

Despite the cautious attitude towards cryptocurrencies, BaFin Lutz said that at present does not conduct any investigations related to money laundering or other dubious activities that may be performed using digital assets.

In addition, the Agency said that the country’s banks have the right to provide exchange services of crypto-currencies to the Euro via its own ATMs.

“Every institution that has permission to trade, also has the right to install equipment which allows you to exchange bitcoin to euros and Vice versa. To date, we have no information about the fact that someone maintains such activity”, — reported in Department.

BaFin also drew attention to the regular reports of fraud in the sphere of cryptocurrency. In the second half of 2017 the new unit, leading investigations into financial crimes has processed 200 such signals, and from January to April 2018 they turned out to be even more – 280.

Earlier, Germany has recognized bitcoin as legal tender for tax purposes.