The cryptocurrency exchange and service provider custodial services Gemini audited systems and organizational control (System and Organization Controls, SOC 2) of the first type at Deloitte. This is the first audit in the history of kryptomere made the traditional Finance industry a way.

According to Winkelvoss Cameron (Cameron Winklevoss), who along with brother Tyler belongs to Gemini, the audit showed that the security system platform to meet all the standards established by the American Institute of certified public accountants (AICPA). The test were application, infrastructure, database users and storage system scriptaction, including the decision to preserve the private keys online and offline wallets.

.@Gemini”s product is TRUST. We have just added another layer of trust by becoming the world’s FIRST crypto EXCHANGE and CUSTODIAN to complete a SOC 2 Review by Deloitte

Cameron Winklevoss (@winklevoss) January 29, 2019

During the year in Gemini are going to be audited SOC 2 of the second type. Unlike the check of the first type, it involves the study of provision in a particular time and for a certain period. In the future, Gemini will be audited annually.

Recall that last spring, Gemini is the first among kryptomere started to use monitoring technology market NASDAQ SMARTS for tracking unusual trading behavior and mitigate market manipulation. And in October Winklevoss insured placed in its storage scriptactive availing the services of a consortium of leading insurers, created by the international company Aon. New cover added insurance obligations which cover dollar deposits in the framework of the partnership of the company with the Federal Corporation on insurance of contributions (FDIC).