The Russian company “Gazpromneft-Aero”, the operator of the aviation fuel business “Gazprom oil” together with S7 Airlines, brand of airline “Siberia” began to apply blockchain technology to implement aviaservice. The company hopes at the expense of a new approach to enhance the speed and efficiency of settlements when refueling aircraft, as well as to automate scheduling and accounting of fuel supplies. In practice, the innovation was tested at the international airport Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk.

Partners introduced the smart contracts smart contracts Aviation fuel (AFSC) that allow you to instantly pay for the fuel when refueling the aircraft without payment, Bank guarantees and financial risks. Preliminary information on future planned refueling allows you to create terms of reference for the driver of the tanker, and on the appointed day, the commander of the aircraft specifies the order and the Bank the airline reserves the required amount in the account, followed by a refueling aircraft. After refueling, the commercial service provider of fuel and carrier get accounting documents for the closed request.

Recall that a month ago, Lufthansa and software giant SAP has launched an initiative to find ideas to implement blockchain technology in the aviation industry. At the same time, Singapore Airlines introduced the blockchain wallet for participants of the loyalty program.