Cryptocurrency exchange launches open-ended contracts into tokens BitTorrent (BTT), available for trading in pair with the U.S. dollar. At the moment the maximum Deposit amount for one user is 1 BTC, but in the future, depending on market risk assessment and rating of the investor – it can be increased.

As noted in the, open-ended contracts give investors the ability to earn by selling digital assets on long or short positions. Thus in contrast to the other derivatives they do not have expiration date and allow investors to focus only on information and the increase or decrease of rate scriptactive.

Recall that at the available to users in open-ended contracts 19 currency pairs. In November of last year the crypto currency exchange has also introduced its own crypto Wallet.IO, which is available to users free of charge and is designed to sync data on all devices, protect client funds and ensure their safety at the Bank level.

Established in Singapore organization BitTorrent Foundation announced the launch of the network’s own token TRON BitTorrent (BTT) in the beginning of January, suggesting that it will be used by the users to optimize the download speed of content in the ecosystem of the eponymous network Protocol for cooperative sharing files. And krausel BTT, which took place less than a month after the announcement, lasted 18 minutes. Today the token is traded for $0,000957 per unit.