Market radar data used for the analysis of movements of large masses of people, yet dominated by large centralized intermediaries. However, more than 40% of users are in doubt about the quality of the obtained data, the level of transparency of sources and methodology of treatment.

This year, in the main Ethereum was launched one of the largest decentralized platforms for trading radar data Fysical. The platform plans to take the place of a global aggregator of location data of all types.

“With the advent of the blockchain made it possible to guarantee transparency, accessibility and decrease in prices due to open for auditing registry and eliminate intermediaries. The architecture itself is a blockchain platform allows any buyer to ensure that sales information is verified and trustworthy,” — say the developers of the platform.

Native token platform FYS already used to trade anonymous location data. Their main suppliers are the creators of the mobile apps. In the future the platform will work with data received via satellite or through access points Wi-Fi.

“Fysical has been in development for over three years and attracted more than thousands of data providers, which monthly generate 15 billion pieces of data with more than 10 million mobile devices worldwide. For comparison, every 30 days Fysical processes more data than Foursquare for all 9 years of its existence”, – stated in the whitepaper project.

Radar data can be useful to marketers, municipal services, researchers. They can be used to increase the efficiency of stores and retail chains, improve logistics processes, to develop new transport routes, including for Autonomous vehicles, which are already developing giants such as Google and Tesla.

Now Fysical preparing for the presale, in which will participate only pre-registered users. Presales with a minimum contribution of 5 ETH will be held from 18 to 30 June. Members pre-sale will receive a ten percent bonus.

We will remind, last year its blockchain-the GPS system began to develop American aviation giant Boeing.