Venture Fund Sesame Ventures, a division of Sesame Workshop, for which there is the production of children’s television show Sesame Street, became an investor of a startup Kano, which creates sets of “collect the computer itself”, in the framework of the funding round, which brought him $28 million.

Attachment size Sesame Ventures is not known, but it is known that the finances will be used to create educational materials on the use of new technologies including the blockchain technology in everyday life.

With 250 thousands of online users in 150 countries in Kano see potential in the development of a new direction. In the coming months, the developers are preparing to submit materials for the creation of a decentralized computer system, including software and accessories.

Recall that in February in Moscow on the basis of “Technopark” has opened Russia’s first school of application programming based on the Ethereum blockchain. International initiative Hyperledger and developed for Linux platform edX free massive open learning course on blockchain technology (MOOC).