Fujitsu Corporation uses a technological solution to blockchain startups IOTA to create a new Protocol standard in the production of IT-devices – Industry 4.0. The task of the announced project is part of the testing in the production process audit log, where IOTA will provide database immutable storage of data, and the application of innovations created in collaboration with the start-up in industrial production and the automotive industry.

It is expected that this partnership will have a positive impact on quality management, after sales processes and customer service, and – due to cryptographic encryption and prevent corruption, fraud and data breaches on the data security and the credibility of the company.

Produktqualität ist ein kritischer Faktor für den Erfolg der #Fertigungsindustrie. Fujitsu zeigt, wie mit Produktqualität #IOTA dokumentiert wird. @iotatoken

— Fujitsu CE (@Fujitsu_DE) August 24, 2018

Recall that in March, Fujitsu opened the Center of blockchain innovation in Brussels for research, development and implementation of blockchain technology “in all directions”. And last year, Fujitsu Laboratories has introduced a new technology ConnectionChain — for easy and safe exchange and payments in various cryptocurrencies. It had previously announced its intention together with the Association of Japanese banks (JBA) to run the blockchain-the Blockchain Collaborative platform for creating financial instruments. In addition, Fujitsu has supported the initiative of IOTA to create a blockchain-data marketplace for Internet of things (IoT)”.