In the Internet there is a resource that mimic the website of the company Ilona Mask The Boring Company and “selling” the flamethrowers for cryptocurrencies. It clearly is a fraud, because the flamethrowers no longer be available, according to Cryptowest.

Social networks and cryptocurrency sites helped to popularise the Scam by posting a link to a fraudulent website but today they began to publish a retraction.

The site itself continues to work. The logic of the authors is easy to understand: any reference to Elon musk inspires members of the crypto community, especially in times like the present, when enthusiasm is waning.

The resource offers users who have an account at Coinbase, the ability to pay in bitcoin, ether, lithino Cash and Bitcoin through Coinbase Commerce technology. Fortunately, cryptopedia are not, and the fraudsters have not published a direct address to transfer funds.

Flamethrowers and branded caps officially sold The Company Boring Mask (word: boring can be translated as “drill” or “boring”) to raise funds for the construction of a tunnel between new York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. Flamethrowers, which is a modification of the popular stribley rifles, was offered for $500 (plus $30 per extinguisher), and a batch of 2,000 pieces sold out in a few hours. “Boring caps” cost $20.

Not the first time scammers use the name Elon musk. So, in the recent past scammers his name “distributed” in the Twitter ether. Subsequently, the social network has removed these accounts.