The scams in the world of cryptocurrencies raise the stakes, trying to speculate on the reputation of the most famous and respected people. After most of the heads of technology companies trying to protect themselves from Scam bots added to profiles in Twitter, the phrase “not giving coins”, scammers have begun to use in their schemes of politicians and even heads of state.

Recently, some scammers have tried to speak on behalf of the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Sarlona and his Deputy Tharman Shanmugaratnam, then politicians have publicly stated that no one asked about bitcoin investment. Thus, on 22 September, the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter:

“The scammers used the name of Vice-Prime Minister Tharman and my name to extort bitcoins. Don’t believe everything you see on the net!”

His hasty reaction to the fake news received an approving response on the part of such luminaries cryptosphere as Chanpen Zhao, head of the Binance, who commented on the tweet premiere:

“The Prime Minister of Singapore himself fights via Twitter with the scammers. I can’t Express the sense of respect! And he’s trying to fight the disinformation campaign. Awesome!”

Cryptomathic be a serious threat to companies ‘ social networks and popular people. Company Twitter tried to suppress their activity – from a mass deactivation of accounts to mandatory validation of telephone numbers in case of change of name in profile, but the framework still abounds with ads scams.

The same applies to websites – fake news on hand, cryptocurrencies are published on many popular sites.

Внимательно рассматривая твит премьер-министра Сяньлуна, можно увидеть, что ложные новости о раздаче биткоинов были перепечатаны газетой Mirror. Scrutinizing a tweet, Prime Minister Sarlona, you can see that the false news about the distribution of bitcoin was reprinted by the newspaper the Mirror.