French authorities have declared Russian a specialist in cryptocurrencies Alexander winnick wanted and demand from Greece of its issuance. On a new request for extradition RIA Novosti said the lawyer Timothy Musatov.

Recall that winnick was arrested by the Greek authorities at the insistence of U.S. law enforcement nearly a year ago. He was charged with laundering between $4 billion to $9 billion via the accounts of the now closed exchange BTC-e.

Russia is also seeking the extradition of a programmer who has previously submitted some confessions in the interior Ministry and the Prosecutor General.

According to Musatov, the new request confirms that winnick has valuable information in the field of cryptocurrency. Also, according to him, during his consideration of Russian will not be able to leave Greece, and the procedure will be long, since conflicting requests not less than three. So the case likely will be considered again in the court of first instance and the Supreme court.

The lawyer does not exclude that can receive new requests from other countries, as he predicted a year ago.

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