Blockchain Blockchain startup Cambridge, leading developments in the field of personal identification in large enterprises, has raised $7 million investment in a round of funding series A. Funds in a startup invested company HCM Capital which is the venture capital division of the largest company of Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, as well as Partech Ventures and Digital Currency Group.

Investors expressed their confidence in the project, which is preparing to expand the package of tools for data management businesses through new applications, combining increased measures to protect private data and ensure compliance with KYC policy when conducting online transactions.

The received means, according to the head of the company Matthew Commons (Matthew Commons) will go to support the ongoing pilot projects started with a few clients among the “largest financial institutions”, whose names were not disclosed.

Commenting on the message, the senior founding partner of HCM Capital Jack Lee (Jack Lee) said that while his company supports the blockchain startups in 2016, it quickly became clear that in the field of decentralized information transmission and the critical component is a unit of digital identity, and Cambridge Blockchain is the best team and the experience of following the strict requirements of financial institutions in respect of privacy and personal data that can be developed in new applications in a decentralized, digital economy of the future.

Recall that recently a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group Labs and the startup Sirin came to an agreement on the joint production of cryptocanthon Finney.