Ukrainian banks “Alfa-Bank”, “credit Agricole” and “FUIB” has refused to cooperate with the founder of the cryptocurrency exchanges Kuna Mikhail Chobanyan, citing the fact that he is included in the “black list”. According to preliminary information, the security service “Alfa-Bank” has banned the service account of the Chobanyan due to open against him of criminal proceedings.

“In early spring I decided to take advantage of its existing map of alpha Bank, which issued for a very long time, but when you try to put her money was refused. When I came into the office to find out what happened, I closed the account and said: “Take the remnants of their money and get out of our Bank, you are in some kind of “black list” and our security team does not allow you to continue to keep your account”. Later in the service I was denied and “credit Agricole Bank””, — says Mikhail Chobanyan.

On the channels Chobanyan found that in the past year was opened a criminal case on the request of the Bank “FUIB” and with the assistance of the Ukrainian interbank Association of members of payment systems EMA.

“My name is Latin appeared in the case of certain card scheme to cash stolen money through an ATM. I think that as long as the witness. In this questioning no one called me, the judgment against me was not any, nevertheless two banks have already denied me the services that I have a bad reputation,” — said chobanian.

At the end of June CEO of Kuna has filled the appeal to the Manager name of Bank “PUMB”, which outlined his vision of the situation. In this case, when the Chobanyan punched on the internal database of the Bank, he was listed as a normal customer, with no mention of any “black lists”.

“I’m most certainly in this situation touches something that the court has ever had, and I am in some black list and obscure databases. On the one hand, and figs with these banks, but we for real money is completely moved, it is necessary to use them. I would like to hear a public response from the leadership of the banks that is because I do not hide from anyone”, — said chobanian.

According to recent information, the management of the Bank “FUIB” promised to take the situation under control. ForkLog will continue to monitor developments.

We will remind, in November 2015, representatives of the Department of the Ministry of interior of Ukraine on combating cybercrime searched the apartment of Mikhail Chobanyan in the framework of the open criminal case against him on charges of illegal transactions with bitcoin.

We would add that the founder of the journal ForkLog Anatoly Kaplan in December 2017 has also been called for questioning by the SBU as a witness in criminal proceedings about carding, which was done by a group of people from USA and Ukraine.

As a result of a search from the apartment Kaplan were removed a few devices stored on them cryptocurrency, laptop and other personal belongings, and the next day with Ethereum-wallet Anatolia was derived 305 ETH. At the same time the search took place in the Odessa office ForkLog, which was confiscated cash of the company, all the equipment (of about ten devices iMac) and a bottle of rum Kraken.