Lawyer and politician Zoe Konstantopoulou (Zoe Konstantopoulou), which in 2015 became the youngest speaker of the Greek Parliament in the country’s history, will represent in court interests of Alexander winnick as his new lawyer. This was reported today the head of group of lawyers of the Russian Timofey Musatov, adding that the colleague will help the defense to pay more attention to the procedural violations.

For its part Zoe Konstantopoulou said he believes the case winnick “a matter of human rights” and is confident that will be able to achieve a fair trial and refusing to extradite her ward to France or the United States.

“The rights and freedoms of every person, as Alexander winnick, must be respected and protected, as well as constitutional and international law,” she said.

In addition, the Supreme court of Greece request to issue winnik in France was postponed until October 17. In the same way as yesterday the reason for the postponement was the unavailability of translation of judicial documents into Russian language for: winnick got them only today.

“In France I was never. They took someone else dealing with the spread of the virus extortionist, which had already convicted the man, and I transferred it, just fantasies they did not have enough,” said the Russian.

Thus, the defendant is sure that his arrest is necessary for the USA to exert pressure on Russia, and he nothing illegal was done:

“What claims can be generally, no, I think… If you read American business, everything is a complete fake, highly likely, as is now fashionable to blame Russia. The exchange is not a crime, the license for it is not needed, there is no statement in the world from any affected person to me.”

Winnick expects the Supreme court of Greece “will finally Wake up the conscience,” and especially focuses on the fact that the main basis for the institution of prosecution is his citizenship, and his camera and a laptop with evidence of innocence or guilt are already in the United States:

“…Because you know how many Russians around the world are arrested, is one of the tools of pressure on Russia. Sanctions does not work, military might can’t crush, to embroil us with other countries also does not work, but we, ordinary citizens defenseless, we can miss around the world, to take them to fun”.

Recall that France accuses winnik in hacking e-mail of thousands of people and extorting from them money, the us accuses him of money laundering and fraud with the cryptocurrency at more than $4 billion, and in Russia – fraud in the amount of 667 thousand rubles ($11,500). This assumes that closed by the US authorities cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e and Alexander winnick could be related to interference in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 by cryptocurrency officers of the Russian GRU.