Known for his dislike of bitcoin former Federal reserve head Janet Yellen now has a small amount of the cryptocurrency, according to CoinDesk.

On Monday, October 29, during a speech at the canadian FINTECH forum Yellen told why she doesn’t think bitcoin is useful to society a form of money. The blockchain she called “an important technology”.

However, the next day, according to the e-mail is at the disposal CoinDesk, founder of digital gift Biterica Time Suprovici sent Yellen 0.0031642 BTC (approximately $20) using its email-address at the University of California at Berkeley.

According to the former head of the fed, she got the gift, but haven’t had time to get acquainted with its contents.

“I really received the gift of bitcoin this morning, but was very busy and therefore did not understand, wrote Yellen.

In conversation with CoinDesk, Suprovici said that he wanted to help her learn more about bitcoin. A gift, he said, would be best for this mission.

“Based on how she [Janet Yellen] spoke of him [BTC] at the conference, apparently, she never had the bitcoin — said the founder Biterica. — People are afraid of the unknown. I was hoping that when she will go to your bitcoin wallet with ID and password, make sure that it is similar to a regular Bank account. There’s money, which it owns, it controls, ready for use. I hope this will make her more open to technology”

Finally Suprovici expressed the opinion that perhaps it would not hurt to give a little bit of bitcoins to all legislators.

We will remind, in July, Janet Yellen said that bitcoin is not real currency. Applicable scriptactive, she said, mostly just to launder the proceeds.

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