A new firm called Linzhi announces the launch of its new line of ASIC miners for Ethereum in their effectiveness is greatly superior device from the Chinese giant Bitmain. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The firm was founded Linzhi Chen Min, a former employee of a major manufacturer of mining chips Canaan Creative. The first products will be created by the algorithm Ethash.

Chen Ming said that the new Ethereum-miner algorithm under Ethash would be eight times more energy-efficient devices E3 Antminer from Bitmain. The speed of hashing the device from Linzhi will be 1400 MH/s (for comparison, E3, the average is only 190 MH/s).

Min also noted that at the current price of Ethereum and the value of the complexity of a network of new miner capable of earning $20 per day (in this case E3 from Bitmain is only $3). Price of the device is unknown, however, the developer, the payback period, the miner will be about four months.

The new device still under development. According to company forecasts, the first batch of miners from Linzhi will arrive on the market in April next year.

Recall that last month, Canaan Creative has introduced the miner for mining bitcoin with a 7-nanometer chip and hasraton 30 Th/s.