Ever wondered what bitcoin is sent to the moon? Why is everyone saying “hodl” and not “hold”? Why, exposing another Scam-tocancel, remember Ryan Gosling? In a new project with the support of the YouTube channel CryptoClowns Show we answer these questions.

What is it about?

“Introduction to cryptocurrency memology” is the story of the crypto community in the memes, jokes and well-established terms. How could say Leonid Parfyonov, it is something without which we can not imagine, even harder to understand.

Why you need a special project?

The special unique design, and multimedia functionality. It’s a small website inside the website.

Over the ordinary article are only the author and the editor. On the special project work is the author, editor, designer, coder, artist, programmer and other specialists. Work can take a lot of time, but in the end it turns out that it was worth it. Special project on any topic will always stand out from the rest of the content, and its contents will surely be interesting and look good.

Why this topic?

We did “Memology” with the support of the educational YouTube channel CryptoClowns Show. This channel are two clowns, who jokingly introduce beginners community members with the basics of the cryptocurrency industry. It is the combination of education with jocularity, and gave us an idea to understand the memes and jokes of the crypto community.

Memes are well-known, but as it turned out, not enough comprehended. Few were able to explain why bitcoin needs to go to the moon, not Jupiter, or why the hapless captainvalor called hamsters, not Guinea pigs. Meanwhile, without the “hamsters” and “year” it is impossible to imagine modern kriptonyte. It’s memes on the understanding of Richard Dawkins, not 9GAG. And their story was much more interesting than you would expect.

Will there be other projects?

Will be. Special projects done with the support of the sponsor, and usually somehow connected to his activities. However, our Golden rule is never to do a special project that interested us. If the topic is uninteresting to the author, the article will definitely be uninteresting to the reader. Therefore, we hope that you will like to read “Memology” no less than we liked her to do, and that the same will happen with other special projects.

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