The price of Ethereum on the eve markedly decreased and retreated to $440. By mid-day Thursday, June 14, Ethereum successfully restores the position and is adjusted, trading at $485,55. After the cryptocurrency successfully broke through the intermediate resistance at $480, Ethereum has increased the chances of continued recovery, according to a leading analyst RoboForex Dmitry Gurkovsky.

What happened yesterday with Ethereum, became for investors a nasty surprise. The price of the cryptocurrency fell ahead and consistently penetrated support at $480, $460 and $450. Now, in the Wake of the rebound, it is clear that Ethereum will encounter problems when recovering to $490/500. The momentum for growth created. It is very important to now not interfered with the appearance of the background and knocked free with the course. While the chances of a return by selling as much.

Key support level for Ethereum is $460, an important resistance level remains at $495. The MACD on the daily chart remain in negative zone and continues to decline, maintaining a sell signal. The Stochastic oscillator is, in turn, continues to fall in a positive range and thereby enhances the signal to sales.

Over the last week, the fundamental background for Ethereum has changed insignificantly. Attention should be paid to the information about the kidnapping by the hackers around $20 million from users of Ethereum. We are talking about the loss of users ‘ wallets Geth. The fraudsters whose actions were uncovered accidentally, acted as follows: they scan IP addresses and find out if the port is open 8545. When it was open, hackers go out, bypassing the ports of the purse Geth and protection of the customer, card user, and withdrawal.

In fact, the problem was created by the carelessness of users: usually the port 8545 leave open for access to the Internet, but you have to be careful in the settings – it needs to allow access only in local network.

Ethereum is another interesting information concerns the volume of production of coins. It became known yesterday that the world had produced 100 million coins. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, there are no restrictions on emissions, unlike Bitcoin which has a limit of 21 million coins. In April of this year, the Creator of Ethereum , Vitalik Buterin noted that the total emission of virtual currency is unlikely to exceed 120 million coins. Then it was about limiting the total amount of coins in order to improve the economic sustainability of the platform and to increase the attractiveness of the Ethereum.

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