Residents of the Seminole County in Florida can now pay taxes in bitcoin, according to BTCmanager.

This was announced by Joel Greenberg, chief tax inspector of the state. The district will begin to use BitPay, cryptocurrency, processing to receive payments from June 2018.

Seminole residents will be able to make a lot of payments using cryptocurrencies, including real estate taxes, and you pay the fee for a driver’s license, car plates, property, and ID.

The tax office noted that the decision will reduce the processing time of payment, increase transparency and reduce the likelihood of fraud. Greenberg added that he sees no reason for concern because of the volatility of coins.

“We do not evaluate the volatility of crypto-currencies as a risk to citizens. I set a goal to make customer service faster, efficiently and better. Method of payment of the tax has not changed since the 18th century, and we will bring it into the twenty-first.”

Greenberg noted that the adoption of cryptocurrencies for the payment of taxes was preceded by the recognition of the blockchain convenient and secure solution for making payments.

Now similar bills considered authorities in Arizona and Georgia, the newspaper notes.