The head of the Boston startup Flipside Crypto engaged in the analysis on the cryptocurrency market, in an interview with Bloomberg said that, according to company, many sleeping for 6-30 months bitcoin wallets large holders cryptocurrency, so-called “whales”, from October 2018 began active movements.

Now they account for about 60% of all outstanding bitcoins. But in General, for the period from summer 2018, the number of actively used BTC increased by 40%.

According to the head of the Flipside Crypto Eric stone (Eric Stone), this trend suggests the possibility of a new buildup of the bitcoin prices.

Recall that in October last year, analyst firm Chainalysis researched data 32 of the largest bitcoin wallets, which is 1 million BTC (about $6.3 billion), and came to the conclusion that “whales”, not only have a negative impact on the volatility of the market digital assets, and conversely serve as its stabilizing factor.