The CEO of a leading cybersecurity company FireEye Kevin Mandia stressed that his firm bitcoin is considered as the problem of the context of the protection of digital data. It is reported by CNBC.

“From the point of view of experts on cyber security, anonymous cryptocurrency is not very good. This is another way of monetizing hacker attacks, theft of IP and communications. Therefore, we see bitcoin as a problem”, he said.

He stressed that the virus coders usually extort a ransom in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The attackers themselves are thousands of miles from the actual scene of the digital currency and help them relatively safe to make the victims of such attacks.

“If you can hack someone’s e-mail, to blackmail and to extort bitcoins, it is a problem for us”, — said Mandia.

He also said that weekly company registers millions of hacker attacks.

Earlier, FireEye made a report about how North Korean hackers hack cryptocurrency exchanges.