Director of the Network to combat financial crimes (FinCEN) Kenneth Blanco (EN Blanco) at a technology conference in Chicago announced that his organization receives each month from financial institutions more than 1,500 complaints related to cryptocurrency. And complaints come from the banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

In discussions about the role of FinCEN in regulation of the cryptocurrency industry it is noted that although in some cases the use of cryptocurrencies provides advantages to users, at the same time, they represent the risks associated with financial criminals, terrorists, etc. According to him, at the moment, FinCEN works in partnership with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) on the development of policies and approaches to the regulation of kryptonyte.

Recall that in March representatives from FinCEN announced that they will consider the businesses conducted by ICO. In earlier sent to the Senate letter, FinCEN clarified that the organizers and stock exchanges involved in the sale of tokens through the ICO should register as service providers for remittances, and to fulfill the requirements of KYC and AML policies, following the Bank secrecy act.