On 14 may, the Council of the European Union formally adopted a Directive on combating money laundering (2015/849), which, in particular, enshrined the concept of “virtual currency”. In accordance with the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine shall, within 21 months to implement these changes to the legislation. About this informed the head of “effective regulation Office” (BRDO) Alexey Goncharuk.

In his post on Facebook Goncharuk said that on may 24 will be a meeting in the format of a public dialogue between state authorities and representatives of the market, designed to highlight the main provisions that you need to consider when creating a cryptocurrency legislation in the country.

The meeting will be the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and communications Oleksandr Danchenko, Director of the Department of strategy development capital markets the National Commission on securities and stock market Maxim Libanov, Director of the Department of entrepreneurship development and regulatory policy Denis Gutenko, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy mushak and managing partner of the Juscutum legal company Artem Afian.

“It is understood that even a bad, but stable rules — better than good, but constantly changing. But the worst thing the state can do is to refrain from creating, or at least clarify the rules on the market” — said Goncharuk.

In addition, the meeting will discuss the Green paper “Regulation of the cryptocurrency market”, prepared by experts BRDO.

“It briefly explains why cryptocurrency in Ukraine had been resolved, and are not “unclear”. And why two key judicial decisions on cryptocurrency based on false facts (because of the confusion between the European court of human rights and the European Court of justice), in connection with the decision to release operations with cryptocurrencies from VAT may be cancelled”, — said Alexey Goncharuk.

Following the meeting, “Office of effective regulation” to make recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding state policy towards cryptocurrency market.

Note that Ukraine is in the top 10 countries by number of users of crypto-currencies and the daily trading volumes with the use of the hryvnia only three exchanges reach $1.9 million

Earlier, in may free published a Bill to legalize cryptocurrencies in Ukraine to make it edits.