The North American Association of securities administrators (NASAA) reported that at the moment financial regulators: US and Canada working on different levels of securities markets, in ongoing operations in may CryptoSweep are more than 200 investigations in relation to the ICO and cryptocurrency investproektov. During this time in operation in this area recorded 47 cases of use of coercive measures.

The President of NASAA and Director of securities Commission of Alabama’s Joseph Borg (Joseph P. Borg) said that regulators at the state and local levels use significant resources to protect investors from fraudulent schemes. However, in addition to fraud, the regulators are also faced with a large number of violations of the laws in this area, including the incorrect registration of products before they are offered to users.

However, NASAA emphasize that even past the registration procedure for products can be fraudulent, and therefore investors should study them carefully before investing.

We will remind that since may of this year Management of financial services and markets Belgium (FSMA) made the list under the heading “Cryptocurrency trading platform: beware of fraud!” more than 50 projects.