Several government agencies of Belgium have created a website “too good to be true“, where he presented to potential kriptosistem tricks that scammers use to extort funds.

The concern of the authorities was the fact that the new scriptactive as “hype of the year” easy to start and use for illegal purposes: “Scam, drug trafficking, terrorism and other criminal activities”. The scammers often trust their views and statements.

To avoid becoming victims of fraud, users are recommended to carefully consider the information about the organizers of the project, ask clarifying questions and to evaluate the promise of high yield. In addition, investors are suggest to check how trustworthy the project, putting the domain name of cryptoprocta on the website.

Recall that in mid-may, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), which took the fraud on the market of cryptocurrencies and ICO a priority for 2018, is decided to demonstrate the potential kriptosistem a typical website, which is created by scammers to raise funds for “promising” ICO projects.