According to the report the Agency’s financial services authority (FSA) of Japan, the number of requests for advice on the cryptocurrency has dropped significantly compared to the beginning of 2018.

In the VI quarter of last year to the counselling office of the financial regulator had 788 requests for virtual currencies, almost twice less than in the previous quarter — 1231. The number of consultations provided to the FSA in sectors such as loans, deposits, investment and insurance products increased.

From the beginning, the number of requests for virtual currencies has decreased almost five times in the first three months of 2018 were 3559 cases.

The report says that the 235 requests (29%) in the fourth quarter was due to General questions on cryptocurrencies, 228 cases (28%) concerned a separate transaction. In 69 cases, advice was provided to industry organizations such as the Japanese Association of exchanges of virtual currencies (JVCEA).

However, in December the FSA announced that 190 companies have shown interest in registering as operators kryptomere, part of them is in preliminary consultations, some have already applied. During the last treatment, as previously reported, the applicant needs to answer more than 400 questions regarding the risks of their activities. In January, the regulator approved the application for a license hacked a year ago, the crypto currency exchange Coincheck.