The launch of crypto-custodian services asset management company Fidelity Investments may be held in March, writes CoinDesk.

Component for storage of the division’s assets Fidelity Digital Asset Services LLC (FDAS) is already running and is used to control some of them, said one person familiar with the situation source.

“Currently, we serve a limited number of customers qualified to work with the service, while they themselves continue to work on the initial decision, the company said. In the coming months we will engage with customers and to choose the most promising ones based on the needs of the jurisdiction and other factors.”

According to Bloomberg, initially the company will introduce a solution for storing bitcoins, and then Ethereum.

Starting in March, consistent with earlier reviews of the head of the FDAS Tom Jessup. In December, he announced that the service will open in the first quarter. Will also presented different component for the conclusion of brokerage transactions with crypto-assets Fidelity between clients and market makers, is unknown.

A platform for storing and trading digital currencies, the company announced last fall. Jessop then stated that institutional customers show some interest to join in the cryptocurrency space, but they “required a trusted supplier platform”.

“These institutions need a advanced level of service and security comparable to what they have when trading stocks and bonds,” he said.

Later, Jessop revealed information about what services Fidelity will not be limited to bitcoin and ether, and intends to consider adding “the next four or five assets in order of capitalization”. However, according to him, while the customer’s interest is reduced to two named cryptowall.

FDAS can also start to work with security tokens, but not before this space will develop to the desired level, said Jessop.

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