A curious legal precedent took place this week in the US, where a Federal judge in San Francisco, California, has offered the accused bail, paid in bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency for his choice. About it writes The Daily Post.

25-year-old Martin Marsic with dual Serbian-Italian citizenship, was arrested on 8 August on charges of hacking the popular game from Redwood City Electronic Arts. On Thursday, he appeared before a Federal court in San Francisco, where he was charged with hacking into the network of EA and unauthorized access to 25 thousands of user accounts for the purpose of moshennichestva. Name access, Marsich had the opportunity to purchase items used in the game.

After reading the charges, judge Jacqueline Corley agreed to release Marchica pending investigation on bail of $750 000 which can be paid in “bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency”.

As noted by the assistant district attorney Abraham Simmons, despite doubts that it is the first such case, a judge may accept as pledge almost any assets, since the main task is to ensure reappearance of the accused in court.

He also expressed the belief that if the value of the cryptocurrency will change dramatically in one direction or another, both parties can file a motion to reconsider the bail amount.

“The point is to ensure his appearance in court,” said Simmons.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor of the court of the County of San MATEO Steve Wagstaffe said not previously heard that some court released the accused on bail in the form of cryptocurrency.

“It’s a new world. I love the new world, he said, adding, however, that in the court of San MATEO cryptocurrencies are unlikely to be accepted. – I hardly believe in it. I think they only accept certified cheques and cash.”

Earlier, the police of the British County of Surrey reported that for the first time in the history of the UK has sold confiscated from criminals in bitcoins.

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