Tim Berners-Lee, the “father of the Internet”, are unhappy at what has become of his brainchild. The network, which was supposed to empower people, was captured and centralized governments and corporations. In an interview with Vanity Fair Berners-Lee said:

We have demonstrated that the Internet has failed instead of serve humanity as it was meant to be.

According to Berners-Lee, the growing centralization of the Internet without the deliberate actions of the people who developed the platform, “ended the large-scale unpredictable phenomenon, is inherently anti-human”. Recalling the early days of the Internet, he said that when his spirit was very decentralized:

The man was incredibly great opportunity. All of this was based on the absence of a Central authority which had to apply for permission. A sense of personal control, empowerment is what we have lost… the Power of the Internet has not been rated or stolen. We, and we are billions, they gave her… Facebook, Google and Amazon now monopolizing almost everything that happens on the Internet — from what we buy to the news that we would like to read.

But Berners-Lee proposes a solution. If the problems of today’s Internet — from centralization to deal with them by returning decentralization, or recentralization. In June 2016 he and Brewster Kale, founder of the Internet Archive, organized the first “Decentralized web summit”. As shown by a major seminar called the Blockchain and the Web, organized by MIT Media Lab and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the technology of the blockchain has become an important part of the desire for decentralization of the network.

In this regard, the Internet Archive has announced the July 31 to August 2 in San Francisco “Decentralized web summit — 2018” (Decentralized Web Summit 2018: Global Visions/Working Code). It Berners-Lee will present a Solid (social linked data) is a modular and extensible Protocol, developed at MIT. Solid project proposes to create a decentralized social application, maintaining to the extent possible compatibility with existing standards and protocols of W3C. Platform Solid is described on the Github project.

Developing a Solid is relatively slow, but constantly attracts new members. Berners-Lee says:

Every few days there is a new man. Some of them heard about the potential of Solid and wanted to turn the world upside down. The people working in the lab, trying to imagine what could be another Internet. The Internet may be another society, if we give people anonymity and give them control over their data. We are building a whole ecosystem.

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