Careers social network Facebook now has 20 open positions for the experts connected with the technology of the blockchain, CoinDesk reports.

In particular, are offered jobs Director of technology communications, researcher of threats, the specialist processing and data analysis, two product managers and designers product managers on brand strategy and marketing, a community Manager, a specialist in media relations, as well as some other items.

As the newspaper notes, the most unusual role can be considered a vacancy strategic partner on global security, which “will serve as an intellectual partner, and between the division for global security and selected key business partners, in this case — the blockchain-podrazdeleniem Facebook”.

Job definitions do not reveal details about the future of the product, however, allude to the rather ambitious objectives:

“Our ultimate goal is to help billions of people to access what they have now is not health, fair financial services, or new ways of storing and disseminating information”.

Facebook and its founder mark Zuckerberg has already demonstrated a long-standing interest in blockchain technology and the decisions based on it. So, at the end of February, it was reported that the social network have held talks with various cryptocurrency exchanges concerning private stablon. Above the token, which will be pegged to a basket of several Fiat currencies, already employs about 50 engineers, and its launch is expected later this year. It is expected that it will be used inside the social network and other products of the company, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

Earlier mark Zuckerberg declared that the technology of distributed registry may allow Internet users to access various services using a single account. According to him, the decision on the basis of the blockchain could become a competitor to the single sign-on (SSO) from Facebook.

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