Director of marketing mining pool F2Pool Whether Cinfa (Li Qingfei) spoke about the picture of GPU-mining, which the company received as a result of more than 2000 surveys.

According to him, the most popular miners models of AMD’s products is RX470/480/570/580. The range of premium products Vega provides about 50% can see more than the R series, but much more expensive.

From Nvidia popular among miners use card GeFox GTX 1080Ti/1080/1070Ti 1070/1060/1163/1166/1050. Of these, the most popular GTX1166 (6 GB) — its share of Nvidia in mining is 30%. A new series of RTX, including RTX2080/2080Ti/2070Ti rather interesting players, not miners, does, Cinfa. Premium Titan series from Nvidia provides almost three times more hash rate than the RX from AMD, but it is inefficient for mining price. The most profitable, according to Lee, is to produce new tokens to Grin and Beam with cards GTX 1060 or 1070.

The graphics card on the AMD is more preferable for mining Ethereum (ETH), while the Nvidia chips are more friendly to small cryptocurrencies, said the representative of F2Pool. He also said that the recent hardwork Constantinople in Ethereum had no impact on the profitability of mining the second cryptocurrency.

In assessing Whether, on the extraction of ETH holds about 60% of active cards. But in the near future, perhaps less than six months, mining second cryptocurrency will stop video card memory 4GB — file size DAG will exceed this value.

We will remind, earlier F2Pool has estimated that in July of last year in mining were involved in 13 million cards, and now the number is 8 million disabled GPUs can be used for cryptocurrency mining during the rainy season in China, predicted the company. If CIPA believes that in this period the profitability of GPU mining may be reduced.