According to the analytical report mining pool F2Pool, in the mining of cryptocurrency has been involved up to 13 million graphics cards (GPU), about 8 million of which is currently active.

GPU miners are mainly focused on ETH and ZEC before July 2018 appeared ASIC-miners algorithm Equihash. Your calculation specialists F2Pool made on the basis of the peaks of Harrachov ETH (290 Th/s) and ZEC (500 Msol/s) at the end of July and the assumption that mining has been used only the most popular models — RX470 Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.

The market of industrial GPU mining is at its peak from 13 million cards with the creation of the necessary infrastructure and other investment analysts F2Pool is estimated at $3 billion.

However, based on can see coins that are most profitable for mining on the GPU (ETH, Grin, Beam and RVN), F2Pool came to the conclusion that now actually has about 8 million cards. After the deployment of ASIC-miners algorithm Equihash income from the extraction of ZEC on the GPU dropped so that the coin analysts have excluded from the calculations.

Based on the analysis of F2Pool, since July last year, along with falling prices for cryptocurrencies from mainiga was derived more than 30% of cards, or about 5 million pool of Specialists believe that some of the devices were sold in the secondary market for gamers, and the part can be again engaged in mining cryptocurrency with the onset of the rainy season in China.

According to F2Pool best choice for mining on a GTX 1060 is now the coin of the Grin-29, followed by the ETH, RVN, Beam and Aion. For miners on RX470/570 pool experts recommend ETH, after which they put Beam, Grin-29, RVN, Aion.