British audit and consulting giant Ernst&Young (EY) has published a report on the current status of the most important 141 of 372 ICO projects last year, which accounted for 87% involved in this investment. The auditors ‘ conclusions say that the so-called “class of 2017” now “does not inspire great confidence.”

Over the year the price of tokens 86% of the projects fell below their prices of time of entry in the listing, with 30% lost a substantial part of its values, and showed a positive trend 10 most successful ICO projects last year.

A working version of the product has created 25 projects (29%), 13 of them made it to the end of 2017, and 7 accept payments in crypto-currencies and Fiat currencies, which further reduces the value of the tokens to users.

EY believe that investors who on January 1, 2018 gathered a portfolio of assets “class of 2017” today has lost 66% of investments.

Recall that, according to published a month ago, information and analytical company, Diar, 70% of circulating tokens today cost less than at the time of their proposal. Among the most unsuccessful projects in the ratio of borrowed funds and the current market capitalization appeared Sirin Labs, PumaPay, Envion, Paragon, Bancor, Bankex, Cryptosolartech, Kin, Olympus Labs and Leadcoin.