Browser extension for the implementation of cryptocurrency micropayments tippin.me three months after launch won an audience of 14 thousand people.

Its Creator Sergio Abril (Sergio Abril) statedthat he was “amazed” by the interest and support that the project receives from all over the world – the application is distributed with the speed of a forest fire. According to him, the audience tippin.me is growing at a rate of 200 new users per day.

Stunned by the potential success of a new network Protocol Lightning, Abril excited about the new way of enabling micropayments Lightning without the need to configure the node LN:

“The expansion is designed to accept payments without having to set up a full node LN, thereby increasing the scope of its adaptation. It is a storage tool, so the platform uses a private node that manages the payment channels and is responsible for generation of invoices, allowing users to remuneration for their activities”.

Since the launch, through expansion of Tippin.me produced 16 500 donations, and generated 195 000 invoices. Abril said that when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) wrote about testing Tippin.me, for one day extension installed 35 000 people.

Recall Tippin extension allows you to set the button for the cryptocurrency micropayments on any website. According to the Creator, “tips” will serve to popularize micropayments in the network, Lighting Network, as it is probably the first on the market the ability to send micropayments in bitcoins almost instantly and without a fee.