According to several sources, cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has frozen the user means. It is noteworthy that this occurred in anticipation of 3 January action Proof of Keys, in which users are asked to withdraw bitcoins with a trading platform and thereby to make sure that they, and not third parties, are the owners of their funds.

31 December, a Reddit user has accused the exchange in that she ignores his requests for withdrawal. In this case, said PEDXS, before he duly passed the procedure of KYC, after waiting for six months of access to your account. Most of the money he, however, had to withdraw, leaving a small amount for daily trading.

“Six months ago, my account was blocked. A few months later, after I sent them more than 40 letters, HitBTC finally unfroze my account. I immediately pulled most of their funds, leaving little for the daily trading, as HITBTC has promised that “no further automatic restrictions will not.” For several months I have increased my balance to a few bitcoins. As you get closer to the action Proof of Keys I thought HITBTC are the main suspects in insolvency, so I tried to withdraw my bitcoins. And what do you think? They blocked the withdrawal and again froze my account,” wrote PEDXS.

He added that the account was frozen more than 10 days ago, and all attempts to contact the exchange meets standard automated letters. In the absence of communication with the stock exchange PEDXS decided to publicly alert other users that the exchange will probably not have the necessary funds.

January 1, the exchange responded to the entry PEDXS, asking him to provide the ticket number when contacting support.

The same response was received by the user lookatmyiq also complained that, in spite of all applicable KYC procedures, his account was suddenly frozen.

“I sell a crypt for many years on various exchanges and are never faced with the fact that my funds were blocked without any warning. Support was very quick when asked for more information but after I gave them all they just disappeared,” wrote lookatmyiq.

The information that HitBTC freeze the user accounts also confirmed the author of the initiative Proof of Keys, bitcoin investor and the leading Bitcoin Knowledge podcast trace Mayer.

On the morning of Wednesday, January 2, he wrote on Twitter that he has no account on this exchange and therefore asked a friend to request a withdrawal.

“Be careful! The result: the withdrawal of funds from your account is temporarily unavailable” — shared Mayer the information received from his friend.

Has @hitbtc failed #ProofOfKeys? I do not have an account. Asked a friend to initiate a withdrawal. BEWARE! 🚩

Result: “Withdrawals are temporarily disabled on your account.” @ToneVays @theonevortex @SatoshiLite @Excellion @CaitlinLong_ @nvk

— Trace Mayer [Jan/3➞₿🔑∎] (@TraceMayer) January 2, 2019

Trace Mayer has announced an initiative Proof of Keys in December last year. The action is timed to the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Genesis block and are designed to demonstrate monetary sovereignty discuss bitcoin should help confirm that they, and not third party exchanges are the owners of their funds.

Note that this is not the first case when users complain about the inability to withdraw funds from HitBTC.

In may 2018 the lawsuit against HitBTC was filed by the company Karma Group, accusing the stock exchange that it received a 527.01 ETH for listing tokens Karma (KRM), but did not fulfill its obligations.

In July of that year of intent to sue HitBTC said the founder of MGT Capital Investments and the founder of McAfee Security John McAfee – he blamed the exchange in inflated commissions to the cryptocurrency Docademic (MTC).

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