Cryptocurrency exchange EXMO announced the addition of the listing of BitcoinZ (BTCZ). This coin is available for trade paired with BTC.

BitcoinZ – mining cryptocurrency created by anonymous developers. BTCZ is positioned as “the people’s coin” with an honest run for all members of the community, starting with the 1st block generated on 9 September 2017. The coin was not premine, there were no companies ICO and no commissions from mining.

According to EXMO, BitcoinZ strong team, strong support community, a huge mass of ideas and good prospects. The cryptocurrency –

Recall that earlier this month, EXMO has officially declared the failure of the public phase of the ICO, explaining it by the fact that it has enough funds to ensure Fund margin lending and launch new products and services. And in may, the site switched to a new system of calculating Cashback.