Office cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has moved on the 45th floor of the Hong Kong Cheung Kong Center. The business centre offers some of the highest prices for rent in the world, according to Bloomberg, citing local media.

In the skyscraper are also financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Barclays Plc, Bank of America Corp., Bloomberg LP and the Empire of billionaire Li Kashin.

Cheung Kong Center

According to Hong Kong Economic Times, BitMEX originally planned to occupy only half of the floor, however, with plans to expand rented the entire 45th floor of the building with a total area of 20 thousand square feet (1860 square meters).

It is remarkable that if earlier BitMEX took poorly decorated office on the other side of Victoria harbour at a price of HK$25 per square foot ($3.18 million), the new office, the price per square foot was significantly higher — up to HK$225.

The publication stresses that rental prices of office space in Central Hong Kong for the third consecutive year ranked first in the world most expensive. In second place is London’s West End.

Exchange BitMEX together with partners organized a former Citigroup trader Arthur Hayes. In 2014, he found the opportunity to make “easy money” on the difference in prices of bitcoin in China and Hong Kong. Today BitMEX is one of the most popular platforms for margin trading cryptocurrencies, and its daily trading volumes exceed $3 billion.

Earlier, Arthur Hayes suggested that bitcoin could drop to $5000 and then increase by 10 times.