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The Singapore exchange started trading AVSS own token ABCC (AT) the opening price amounted to $0.5. ASS, is among the new decentralized financial exchanges and uses the principle of Trade-to-Mine (ToM, the transaction as mining) developed to increase the benefit of the holders. The token was released July 9, 2018, the trading on the stock exchange was extremely successful and brought the site in the global rating. Number of tokens received by the traders in the process ToM has increased five-fold and continues to grow steadily.

“We were surprised to see the staggering jump in trading volume. The philosophy of the blockchain that we share inspires us to give users an unprecedented experience of the trade. But our ambitions are not only limited to the remuneration of the miners. AT the token — a key component of an ecosystem ABCC, which advantages will be able to evaluate all members — AT investors, team blockchain projects, media and other partners. AT investors will gain access to a vast array of benefits, the exchange plans to distribute 80% of daily fee income on transactions between them, depending on the number of available tokens. We also run AT Super Miners Program, which will allow participants in particular to have access to exclusive programs for mining,” said CEO ABCC Calvin Cheng.

Model issue Trade tokens-to-Mine (ToM) is similar to the one used by bitcoin. Platform four times a day will generate a block containing a fixed number of tokens. Every 120 days the number will be reduced by half. Coins of the blocks are allocated to traders depending on their comparative deals. This approach will provide stable financial growth for users (especially for first), and ensures that they receive benefits from mining.

AT have the characteristics of a new kind of token — Token 3.0. Their volume and the amount of rewards you can predict in advance, and the cost estimated on the basis of the ratio of P/E (price/earnings). It makes AT the only exchange token inflation which in the long term will decline.

The benefits of the ABCC token (AT):

  • Token, the profitability of which can be predicted, and the cost to calculate the formula price/earnings (P/E) — all other exchange tokens after a sharp rise in the short term experienced a decline in the long term.
  • Thanks to the 120-day cycle every six months, the number of tokens will be reduced by half, which will complicate the process of obtaining them — in the long run it will increase the value of the token like the financial model used by Bitcoin.
  • The platform will provide a 50% discount private sale of cryptocurrencies added to the platform, as well as the right to vote in their listing.

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