Former CTO of Ripple’s Stefan Thomas has announced the beta testing of the platform to monetize web content Coil. It is reported by CoinDesk.

According to Thomas, the new platform is intended to establish for the creators of web content “more equitable rules of the game”.

“If you’re a big player, it can be subscribed to services like Netflix and Spotify. If you’re big, you can gather enough data about people to earn a lot of money through advertising on Facebook or Google, shares his thoughts ex-employee of Ripple. — If you’re small, now, really, hard to make money on the Internet”

According to him, to date the new platform is joined by several web services. In particular, the process of integration with Wikipedia, Youtube and Twitch.

Being in Ripple, Stefan Thomas participated in the creation of Protocol compatibility Interledger that allows you to make payments in different networks. This same technology forms the basis of the platform Coil.

Thomas also participated in the creation of the developed platform Ripple smart contracts, Codius. However, this platform has been delayed to 2015 due to technical difficulties and a lack of compelling uses for it. However, in June Thomas announced that technology Codius will be included in the Coil.

The new platform allows readers, viewers and listeners to reward content creators through micropayments. A similar model has been repeatedly used in the blockchain industry, including start-up Brave, which last year had “lightning” ICO for $35 million.

According to the former technical Ripple, the decision of the Coil open for the creators of content new business models where payments are made in real time.

ForkLog previously reported that the startup Coil has become one of the new members of the blockchain consortium Hyperledger.