Adjustable European crypto currency exchange DX Exchange offer to invest in shares through the popular cryptocurrency.

From January 7 to Estonian cryptococcomas the site of DX Exchange will start trading in exchange-traded shares of some major public companies, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. It is noteworthy that the deposits will be accepted not only in traditional payment instruments, but in the BCH, BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, LTC, XRP and other cryptocurrency.

The new features implemented with the help of the MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd, which produces tokens that represent shares via smart-contracts, and also ensures the purchase and possession of real stock in accordance with the demand on the platform. Unlike traditional stock markets, the platform will offer users on-trade assets.

It is reported that the adjustable platform is fully consistent with the financial rules of the EU and provides a reliable process AML/KYC. DX Exchange has a license from the Estonian financial intelligence unit. MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd is licensed by the Cyprus financial services company, providing solutions in the field of liquidity for the market of online trading.

As previously reported, the DX Exchange is working on technologies exchange giant Nasdaq. Used on the platform of a standard Protocol allows messages to support trade through the API, so the platform can be easily integrated with market-makers, liquidity providers and algorithmic traders and hedge funds.