Billionaire and head of “Kaspersky Lab” Eugene Kaspersky believes that the world is not yet ready to cryptocurrencies. He stated this in an interview with Arabian Business.

“Cryptocurrency is a great idea, but the world is not yet ready for them. The world needs to unite if it wants to have an encrypted currency. At the moment they want to control government.”

However, he believes that this situation will change in the future, but not soon – in about 100 years.

“I believe that in the future – perhaps 100 years – all world government will be one government. The country United under the Government of the Earth and only then will we have a single currency. Maybe some other currencies are also available, but globally the currency is one,” said Kaspersky.

However, he believes that in the future currency will be digital and not paper. In his opinion, the existing digital currencies such as Bitcoin may not replace the current financial system. However, some ideas and techniques on which they are based, including the blockchain, can be used in future currency.

Earlier, Kaspersky has called cryptocurrency “good idea,” but noted that the world is ready for him after 300 years. He does not buy cryptocurrency, but his company “Kaspersky’s Laboratory” for several years invests in startups working with the technology of the blockchain.